The World of Frida


2019 – 2022 National Tour

Full schedule:







June 05 - August 18, Unicorns, Aliens, and Futuristic Cities, MACLA,

San Jose, CA​


Oct 11-14, The Very Very Rare Affordable Art Show, JCOS Art Haus,

Los Gatos, CA​

July 8-September 16, The World of Frida, Bedford Gallery, Walnut Creek, CA

  •     Jurors Award "The World of Frida" Exhibition

April 08, San Jose Day, Breezy Excursion, San Jose, CA

February 02, The (anti)Valentine Show, Works Gallery, San Jose, CA

February 03, The Grand Opening, Current Tattooing, San Jose, CA




December 14, Chocolate and Art Show, SOMArts Cultural Center, San Francisco, CA

November 11, Members Only, Current Tattooing, San Jose, CA

October 20, Pancakes and Booze, LOT 613, Los Angeles, CA

October 15, All-Womx’s Showcase, The Forager, San Jose, CA

September 16, San Jose Art and Zin Fair, Empire7 Studios, San Jose, CA

September 15, The Zombart Show – San Jose, CA

September 1, Extended Play- Art Attack Gallery Group Show, ChurchKey Bar, San Francisco, CA

August 4, STREET MRKT – First Fridays – San Jose, CA

July 29, FAME, San Jose, CA

July 15, Fiestas Fridas, Art Attack Gallery, San Francisco, CA

June 18, Very Instant Polaroid Group Exhibit, Boba Bar, San Jose, CA

May 20, Pancakes and Booze, The Forager, San Jose, CA

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